Shadow and Glow – I’m In It!

Cover of Shadow and Glow – Pussy Magic Special Issue 003 … “Shadow and Glow” are written at the top in white-outline block letters against a black background. There is a photo of pink circles that look like pot-lights, ranging from very pale at the top of the picture to very deep pink at the bottom. In the bottom-right corner, in small, white all-caps, are the words “Special Issue 003 – February 2019”. Across the bottom in white all-caps are the words “Pussy Magic”.

I’m excited to announce that three of the glosas from my Femme Glosa Project have made it into Special Issue 003 of Pussy Magic.
“Love Spells” and “Tidal Surge” are in the Shadow section, while “Cradle” is under Glow.
You can download a PDF (it’s free) here.


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