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This is a lovely poem by Samantha Nock. Go forth and check her out.

my kokum used to tell me:

“if you wear your shoes on the wrong feet

a bear will eat you.”

when i moved to the city

my kokum cried

because cities have never been kind to us

and there are threats bigger than

bears chasing a toddler

with her left shoe on her right foot.

she calls me to say:

“don’t leave your drink unattended”

“don’t walk alone at night, my girl”

she taught me how to knead bannock

and how to say the lords prayer

she showed me where she saw

hungry spirits at the lake

she taught me how to say “i love you” in our way

she taught me how to

be scared of the dark

when you’re a lone woman

walking from the bus stop to

your front door.

my mother taught me

that no man is anything to you

and that you can pick up…

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