Ask Your Friendly Neighbourhood Lesbrarian # 5: Books Featuring Trans Teenagers That Don’t Focus on Transition

TransYA that isn’t transition-focused. Thank all the gods.

Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian

Jeffry lovannone PhD on twitter sent me this request a few weeks ago: “YA with trans characters that are not ‘transition narratives.’ ”

Now this is a fantastic and necessary question.  So often stories about trans people in lots of different mediums (TV, books, movies) act as if the only interesting thing about trans people is their transition process and gender identity.  It’s like there is no more to tell once the character comes out and transitions, whatever that means for them.  They’re just so-and-so the trans person, instead of so-and-so, who happens to be trans.  What is up with that?  Life does not end after transition (0r coming out, for that matter).  These kinds of stories are about trans people, but they’re usually written with a cisgender audience in mind, and by cisgender authors.  For more on this point, check out Casey Plett’s great article in the Walrus on…

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