BWS 07.01.15: Andrea Thompson

Things to remember when working on Draft 1, v3 of The Novel. Ye gods… Novel-Length Fiction IS hard!

Brockton Writers Series

Andrea Thompson

Andrea Thompson has been writing and performing poetry across the country for the past 20 years, and currently teaches Spoken Word through OCADU’s Continuing Studies department. She is the author of the collection Eating the Seed, co-editor of the anthology Other Tongues: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out, and has recently released her debut novel, Over Our Heads. She dropped by the blog this week to tell us about learning to write fiction.

From Spoken Word Artist to Novelist: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.

Publishing a novel was, for me, an epic journey. I began my first attempt about ten years ago by posting an innocently optimistic yellow sticky note above my desk, reminding me: trust the process. Fast-forward one year, and there I was, surrounded by piles of paper, with said sticky note crumpled up at the bottom of the recycling bin. And while the piles of paper I was left with looked like a…

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