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Moving Towards the Sensual

Handy tips for character development in erotica. Hurrah! 😀

Last year I decided to take a detailed look at what I’d been writing over the past few years and had an epiphany.


I know every writer has gone through that. You take a step back, look at the words that have come from your head, read them on the page, and have that WTF moment.

It wasn’t so much that the writing was bad (even though some of it I will admit I rushed). It was more that what was dancing around in my head wasn’t coming out on the page the way I wanted it. I was always happy with what I wrote about. It was the execution that bothered me the most.

So, I decided to take some time off from writing and publishing and just workshop my craft. I tried to look at things from another perspective. Open…

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Short Stories and Voice

In my case, I struggle to keep my characters from sounding like the same person, so this is an interesting perspective.

Progress Never Stops For Nostalgic Transsexuals

Well, I’m drunk, I can’t sleep, I have to work tomorrow, and I finally picked up and started reading Etgar Keret’s The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God today, and all of this made me want to talk a bit about short stories. Part of this, btw, is because I’ve been finishing a book of short stories in the last few months, and am (HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY) really close to soon saying “I finished a book of short stories.” So they’ve been on my mind a lot.

A few stories into reading Keret, I thought that it reminded me a lot of when I read Miranda July’s collection of stories. It reminded me so much of how I felt reading her that I Googled “Miranda July Etgar Keret” and it turns out they’ve done a collaboration together. Wowserz! So I guess it’s not just me. I liked July’s book, and…

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BWS 07.01.15: Andrea Thompson

Things to remember when working on Draft 1, v3 of The Novel. Ye gods… Novel-Length Fiction IS hard!

Brockton Writers Series

Andrea Thompson

Andrea Thompson has been writing and performing poetry across the country for the past 20 years, and currently teaches Spoken Word through OCADU’s Continuing Studies department. She is the author of the collection Eating the Seed, co-editor of the anthology Other Tongues: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out, and has recently released her debut novel, Over Our Heads. She dropped by the blog this week to tell us about learning to write fiction.

From Spoken Word Artist to Novelist: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.

Publishing a novel was, for me, an epic journey. I began my first attempt about ten years ago by posting an innocently optimistic yellow sticky note above my desk, reminding me: trust the process. Fast-forward one year, and there I was, surrounded by piles of paper, with said sticky note crumpled up at the bottom of the recycling bin. And while the piles of paper I was left with looked like a…

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Show! (Long Time Coming, Not Here Yet)

A poet I admire asked me if I would like to read with her.
I said yes.
We are going to do a show together in the summer, possibly with a third poet.
We will be making zero money as the door-take will be going to a local non-profit – although she and the potential third poet will have books/chapbooks to sell – but it’s a show. I haven’t done a show in over a year at this point, so I’m quite looking forward to it.
And, hey. Now I have an external deadline by which to be finished one, ideally two, manuscript(s). So that’s a handy thing as well.

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