Unholy Harvest Writing Workshop – In Which I Learn Something New

So I went to Unholy Harvest last weekend. It was, as always, phenomenal in a number of ways. But this year, one of those ways was that I learned something new and helpful in terms of how to write porn.
Apparently there was this study done, with thousands of participants, which determined that, while the content of people’s sexual fantasies is broad and diverse and all over the map, all of those fantasies could be slotted into one or more of the following (only) four general categories:
Breaking taboos
Resolving ambivalence
Power and domination
Convenient, no?
So I now have this really handy way of taking an inspirational-flash – that quick mental image that might, hopefully, lead to an actual story – and sorting out which themes to poke at in order to make the story happy cohesively and in a way that might just make it a story that other people will be able to relate to.
So that was a big light-bulb moment for me.
The other thing that I concluded was that, if I want to play with feelings of ambivalence in my stories – more on that in a second – I need to accept that, for the moment, those stories are going to be on the long side. Pushing “novelette” rather than the kind of thing that I can submit to an anthology.
So that. Yeah. I got a story idea during the workshop. One that involves a woman going to watch her long-time GF work (the GF is a peepshow dancer) and getting off on her GF’s work-persona while simultaneously feeling a lot of longing and heart-ache about her actual GF because their sexlife has been suffering lately. Throw in a dash of ambivalence and secrecy, and the need to re-connect with the beloved, and you’ve got the potential for a really neat story.
But NOT for a really neat story that you call tell in five minutes or fewer at the Erotic Open Mic.
So what I wound up writing was a happy-and-connected couple who have (i) a power exchange relationship, and (ii) a weekly ritual wherein the Property half of said diad goes to see her owner dance, and the Owner half of the diad – who is also a big masochist – uses the last song of her shift to demonstrate what she wants her sweetie to do for/to her (service-topping) when they get home.
It included a certain amount of gender-fucking, a lot of voyeurism/exhibitionism, and a good helping of tease-and-denial. Mwahahahaha.
It was – if I do say so, myself – hot, rough, and cute, and it was short enough that I could read it aloud in the five minutes allotted to me on the stage. Go me. 🙂
So that’s where that’s at. 🙂
Here’s hoping I can keep it up, and that I can polish this particular piece to the point where it’s good enough to be submitted to an anthology or three.


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