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Dream Interpretation

So… A very casual acquaintance of mine (one of the poets for VERSeFest, as it happens) had a dream about a mutual friend. The mutual friend tossed out a joking suggesting that people do Jungian dream interpretation in rhyming couplets.
So I did.
Just for the hell of it.
It’s pretty terrible, but I’m tossing it up here anyway. 🙂
Over the Falls
Self and Other united in trust
But which is which and which must
leap and lead, which follow?
Tumbling freefall, stomachs hollow
fear and glee entwined
to free the mind
to choose a different path, no more a slave
to concrete and control, the rushing wave
will lead to deeper truth – let go
Let grow
the swelling current (flow
and gush of new creative force)
Renounce remorse
the uncaged heart frees all
Sometimes a fall
from such great height
engenders flight
So there you have it.


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