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Submission – Stone Telling

I won’t know for (probably) another two months, whether or not any of my work has been accepted. But I submitted an old poem (The River Speaks) and a new poem (the truth is that there are no witches) to Stone Telling.
We’ll see what they think.


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Fulcrum – Poetry of Power and Pleasure IV

The mastiff at your feet knows
a different shape
and the dragon, too
coiled around you
dangerous protection
captive princess
balanced between them
I see you
dancing in your chains

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Last night I dreamt of peaches
pulled tender flesh from pits so ripe
they’d fallen from the tree
sweet as summer
I woke to snow

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Live On Tape (or something)

Apparently I’m on YouTube. Who knew?


First video is one poem. Second video is two (shorter) poems. They’re kinda slow to load, but there you go.

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Xanthra MacKay

Reblogging this for the poem, but please read it all.


So. I was at the RHO conference in Toronto last week.
And it was awesome in a zillion different way, and I’ll probably do a write-up about some of it in a bit. BUT I came down from my hotel room and greeted my boss and asked him if he’d gotten up to anything the night before, and I misheard what he said. And this led to some clarification, and then I had to go and write this poem.
You May Know Of Her
My boss came into work this morning
to work this mourning
to work through this
a woman on my street
passed away
you may
know of her

you may know of her
(a question)
you may know of her
a woman
I never knew
and then I know
her neighbourhood
her profession
her body
more intimately…

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Word Count Guidelines!

Just posting this here for future reference: On Word-Counts and Novel-Length.
I have this problem as well, thinking that 80,000 words is “not long enough” for a “real novel”. What I write is still on the very short end of things, even for a Category Romance (for example), which is good to know. Erring on the side of too short is… still too short. It’s easier to cut than to add, after all. But getting a draft done and then looking for the holes that need to be filled is a good place to start on that front.

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