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Skin Whisperer – Poetry of Power and Pleasure III

Skin Whisperer

Breathe in
scent of rubber
I can take your breath away
but I prefer to play
with skin
handle you with kid gloves thin
as breath
thin as whispers
hand in glove
a lighting touch in leather
skin touching
my skin touching
your skin


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No Fooling – Poetry of Power and Pleasure II

No Fooling
Hard edges softened
by time and tread
asphalt crumbling
concrete turning to water
smoothed stone
So your hard edges soften
when the camera goes dark
leather and ink are only skin
broken in and
your scowl melts
not fooling


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Women’s Slam 2014

I don’t tend to promote stuff on this blog unless I’m directly involved with it. In a way, this is no different. I’m not a slam poet, not a competitive poet in that particular way. But I’m loosely involved in helping to organize the 2014 Women’s Slam due to being on the VERSeFest organizing committee. I’ve been more involved in previous years, and it’s kinda nice to sit back and just let someone else deal with the Organizing aspect while I turn up, pay my eight bucks, and enjoy the show. This show’s on Wednesday (THIS Wednesday), January 29th at a cafe that is VERY convenient to me, and I’m looking forward to drinking a peary cider, eating a really excellent sandwich, and enjoying some of Ottawa’s best slam poets strutting their stuff on stage. If you’re a fan of slam and/or a fan of women poets – or, hey, if you’re a woman-identified poet who slams – I do hope you’ll come out on Wedensday and maybe even get up on stage. ๐Ÿ˜€
See you there. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Aflame – Poetry of Power and Pleasure I

shadows move
flickering light melts
hollows into basins of blue
and white
trickle and splatter
red and black
this yearning
this desire is
a flame

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Surge: Images of Power & Pleasure

So a bunch of my friends are in a calendar (you can also pick it up at Venus Envy, but you have to go in person) that is raising funds in support of the Rainbow Railroad.
Every time I look at it, I think there should be poetry or prose to go along with each image. So that’s my latest challenge. Let’s see if I can’t come up with a dozen poems reflecting power and pleasure and these specific images there-of.
Wish me luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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