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Stumbling Towards Character-Voice (moving right along…)

So… I’ve hit 15,000 words on my current word-document. I’ve got a few thousand more already written, and I seem to be sticking fairly well to the spirit of my carefully crafted novel outline, if not the letter.
I’m essentially two months into Story World’s timeline. I’ve added some extra stuff, and moved some stuff around, but I was able to get the “ghost” (bits of the MC’s past) in where it needed to go, and I think I’ve found another reason for the Primary Opponent to believe that The House should belong to her and not to the MC.
That’s good.
I kind of want to type up the stuff that I hand-wrote (yes, I’ve gone back to typing. I’ll probably be switching back and forth on an as-needed basis through-out the entire writing process), just so it’s all in one place. But things are coming along.
Today, I got the first incling of a character developing a voice, so that’s a massive relief. I hope to hear more of said voice as I continue to plug away at this. Here’s hoping it all goes well. 🙂


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