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Interview Published

So I interviewed a local musician for an indipendent queer newspaper (actually an online thing). Definitely no pay, but still. My name is Out There in one more way.
Glad it went up in time to let their readers know about the musician’s album launch before it actually happens (it’s tomorrow night).
In other news, I have written a few new poems since my Dusty Owl Feature on the 20th, so I’m feeling a little better about my writing. I’m on the eve of Nanowrimo, though, so it’s just about time to dive back into the novel. None the less, I’ve been enjoying writing poetry – about brushes with The Numinous, among other things – these past few days. Here’s hoping I can keep it up. 🙂


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How to Get Your Work Rejected

Things to keep in mind as I dive back into my novel (Yes, I’m writing my novel through Nanowrimo. Cope).

Cynthia D. Griffin

A catchy tile isn’t it? How to get your work rejected. It’s a great way to get a writer’s attention, and it certainly got mine as I checked the list of panels Context offered this year. I knew right away that if I didn’t attend any other panels (and I didn’t, ran out of time), this was the one I wanted to do. Sure I’ve had my fair share of rejection letters. What writer hasn’t? It’s the accepted gauntlet all writers must endure as a rite of passage. Mostly, I wanted to attend to see if science fiction writer Jack McDevitt had anything new to say that I hadn’t already gleaned from the stack of rejections letters I’ve managed to accumulate over the last few years. I’m happy to say, this panel didn’t disappoint. It gave a lot of useful information, which I am now passing on to you. Enjoy.

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Mutterings About my Sunday Show (Dusty Owl – October 20th, 2013 at 3pm)

Life continues apace.
I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed, but that’s nothing unusual.
I’m chewing my nails over my show on Sunday. I have a set-list drawn up, but it’s messy. I need to print everything out, I think, and see if I can’t arrange things in a way that that flows nicely.
I want to include some Pagan/Seasonal stuff. I want to include some of my “activist poetry” stuff, but a lot of that is old, so… limit that end of things. I want to include some erotic and specifically kinky poetry, in part because I’m also going to be reading kinky prose and the segue would be good.
But I’m not sure where to go from there.
Wish me luck. 🙂

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Feature Performance – Dusty Owl Reading Series (October 20th, 2013)

I’m featuring at the Dusty Owl later this month (October 20th), and I’m working on New Material so that I have enough shiny, new, polished stuff to make it worth their while to have put me on as a feature.
There will be a kinky short story read (an old one, but also my most recent), and bunch of poetry that, by the looks of things, can be loosely (very loosely) themed under the heading of “women’s work”.
We’ll see if that them holds steady as I get closer to the date and start going through my material to fill in the gaps. But my new stuff is covering everything from canning to nude modeling, so that seems to be where things are headed. 🙂
As a side-note, the FB Event has me listed as a “spoken word poet” but… I don’t really identify that way, even if I have a lot of “stage poet” stylistic elements in my performances. I’ll be doing on-book poetry (so “page poetry”) and a little bit of prose (also on-book) for this show. Also Zach Wells will not be my co-performer. I’ll let you know who that will be once it’s confirmed. 🙂
Wish me luck on the 20th! 😀

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