Hand-Writing My Novel (Yes, Really)

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I am more likely to actually get my novel written if I hand-write it.
I know. Some of you are probably looking at me like I’ve grown a second head, right now. But bear with me: My daily writing quota is 1000 words. That’s easy. (Or at least it’s easy for me, since I have the luxury of an extremely flexible schedule). It also works out to a nice, round number of pages in my handy-dandy paper note-book (my last one was just slightly too big to fit in my purse). If I hand-write ten pages I should get my thousand words (or, okay, between 1,000 and 1,200) with no trouble, and I’ll have handily avoided the distractions of The Internet while doing so.
Yeah. There’s that thing again. The Internet. I’m hand-writing my novel because I’m easily distracted, have a hard time saying No to the option of looking stuff up (like how far is it, really, from Toronto to Sterling, Ontario – which would give me a good idea of how long my MC’s drive from her old home to her new home will be), and tend to want to tell Twitter exactly what I’ve been up to today… rather than actually getting it done.
So, yeah. Rather than doing what I had originally intended to do – take bits and pieces of my already-written 40,000 words or so and copy-paste them into the new draft as needed – I’ll be hand-writing the whole manuscript. At least as far as the first (“first”) draft goes.
Heh. 96,000 words. Of hand-writing. Yow. O.O
94,000 to go.
But I think it’ll work. With short stories, at least, I’ve always wound up with better work when I hand-write things first – mostly, I suspect, because I edit my writing as I transcribe it from notebook page to computer screen. I think it’s reasonable to assume it will be the same with a novel.
Wish me luck. 🙂


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2 responses to “Hand-Writing My Novel (Yes, Really)

  1. I hand-write my novels too. So glad to see someone else doing it too! I think it’s magical.

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