Pagan Fiction series: Thinking Out Loud (now with a poll!)

I left a note with the OP saying that I’d be interested in taking part. My story in Leather Heights inovlves a pagan ritual, and my (unpublished) story, Crow Maidens, involves a hook up at a Fest. 🙂

The Saturated Page

During the recent blog/ck party that I participated in (and still need to go and read so many blogs!) I started thinking about marketing and networking and the like. This was the first blog hop type thing (while not strictly speaking an actual blog hop, since I posted entirely on my own blog) that I’ve done, but I’ve seen others do them, and I’ve read about others doing them, and I realize that the results are a mixed bag for people. I think the idea of this particular one was a very neat — yay indie publishing! — and I met some interesting people, and more importantly, I’ve found more books I need to read. (I like people for the most part, but I don’t think a single writer on that hop will begrudge me the fact that I’m more excited about the books! Priorities after all!) However, the fact…

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    Reblogged this on The Breathings of My Heart, first, but wanted to toss it up here so that the pagan-oriented folks could find it. 🙂

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