Writer Problems – My Main Character is a Douche Nozzle.

So I finished my Novel Skeleton, and have started slotting actual word-count into the framework. In some cases, this means writing new content while, in others, it means finding stuff I’ve already written (because why waste it, seriously), slotting it into place, and editing it for fit and continuity.
I read my first scene to my wife the other day.
She said: “I would read that. It’s a great start. I hate her already.”
Which gives you an idea of how much of a freaking douche-nozzle my MC is.
I’m one of those people who always wants to write NICE characters. Which is, perhaps, really dumb. I want to write characters that readers empathize with and *like*, even if they do less-than-honourable things. (Think: Cassel from the Curse Workers series, or Leah and Rachel from The Poisonwood Bible).
Right now, what I have is a character who is an asshole. She’s irresponsible, takes advantage of her friends, and is so freaking entitled that I want to smack the bitch. And I created her! O.O
And that’s fine, that’s the point, the whole idea is to start with this useless, self-absorbed little twit and smarten her the fuck up over the course of the novel.
The trouble is, having written this character – this scene, just one scene – this way (which is the way that she actually IS), I am now more than just a little bit worried that she is incapable of developing into even a redeemable human being, let alone a human being who is actually redeemed (in which “redeemed” means functional adult capable of caring for BOTH herself AND for people who are not herself).
I mean, presumably she is.
But, even with my spiffy novel skeleton to guide me… I’m really, really, REALLY not sure how I’m going to get her there. O.O
Wish me luck. O.O

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