Crow Maidens – The Continuing Saga (literally)

So. Years ago, I wrote a short story. Paranormal porn. There was a shape shifter. There was a hot hook-up at a Pagan Fest (because that’s never happened). There was… a remarkably unsatisfying second half of the story and a mediocre ending and the feeling that this was not actually supposed to be a short story, but was supposed to live somewhere on the Lesbian Paranormal Romance spctrum as a novel.
Fast foward past a couple of nanowrimos and a lot of dust collecting on that story, to now.
And suddenly my characters are talking to me again.
Not… loudly. Exactly. And I have no fucking clue where this is going to go. (So far, I’m just trying to avoid Massive Information Dumping during Chapter One, and trying not to get side-tracked by the part of me that wants to edit the original short story before getting on with the rest of the thing). But they’re talking. I know that my Corvae gal has lousy eating habits and dresses neat but also kinda punk-ass. I know that my working (successfully!) artist human chick is vegetarian. I know that there’s a bit of long-standing animosity between the Corvae and one of the other shape-shifter clans/societies/cultural-groups/whatver-the-fucks that may wind up playing a more significant role in the story, though I have no idea what at this point. I know that my crow-chick’s (very extensive) family isn’t going to give two hoots (ha! Okay, wrong species) about her getting involved with a human girl, so that’s not going to be a source of Drama.
I know there’s some kind of race-against-time going on, there may be a bomb of some sort involved (although fucked if I know how the hell some chick with a paintbrush is going to be any use on this one)
I’m not entirely sure that my human MC is 100% human – and it might be convenient if she wasn’t.
I’m not at all sure where the non-sexual Action for this story is coming from.
…Is it just me, or do a LOT of paranormal romances involve some kind of cross-over with cop-dramas? Some kind of whodunit for civilians to solve, or a Major Mythic Disaster that needs to be averted… by the Department of Elfland Security or whatever.
I mean, I suppose I could just mix together… an unusually-specific artistic commission for a wealthy recluse, a country house with a secret, a megalomaniac with a thing against shape-shifters, an unknown birthright, and a time-sensitive ritual to Raise The Minotaur (or something) and call it day.

Fuck it. Let’s run with it and see where it goes. 😉


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