Glitter and Mayhem! I’m… Not In It.

Boo. 😦
I was really pleased with that one, too.

On the plus side, that was probably the fastest turn-around I’ve had on a story, well, ever. So bonus? At least I wasn’t waiting for months and months and months, right?




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4 responses to “Glitter and Mayhem! I’m… Not In It.

  1. Sorry! They had so much publicity that they probably had tons of submissions – wouldn’t be surprised if they returned yours so quickly simply because they’d already picked their stories out. You can always submit it to other anthologies.

    • I know!
      I figure they returned it so quickly because my story was fairly smutty and may have been too far into that end of the spectrum for what they were trying to create.
      It happens.
      Alas, but there you go. 🙂
      And, yes, I can definitely submit it elsewhere! 😀

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