Charity Anthology! I’m In It!

So, late in 2012, I submitted a manuscript to a charity smut anthology benefitting the Toronto Gay & Lesbian Archives. My piece got accepted.
My piece got accepted!!!
I am, clearly, very chuffed about this. I’m really proud of my story (Leather Woo), and really glad that it made it into the anthology, and – not to put too fine a point on it – really glad that the editor is the kind of dyke who actively publishes dyke porn that features trans women (or, well, trans woman in this case).

Another part of me is going “Oh, thank goodness! I’d have felt really awful if I wasn’t even good enough for the unpaid charity market…” Which… is probably not fair of me. To a lot of people. Myself included.
None the less. Hah! I have smut! And it’s getting published! In an actual printed book after being peer-reviewed!
So there. 😀

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