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“Leather Heights, Toronto, Canada” – I’m In It! :-D

So I mentioned, earlier, that my story was accepted to the Kinky Toronto anthology.
The anthology’s official title is Leather Heights, Toronto, Canada and it’s available in e-format (through e-pub) and hard-copy paperback (through Cuir and Queer).

Book Cover
Leather Heights, Toronto Canada: Kinky Tales from Hogtown

The Blurb:
The tribulations of adventurous tourists in the Church-Wellesley Village… dangerous strolls in the Don Valley… girl meets butch on the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line… risky blowjobs in the Harbour… heavy breathing on the Gardiner… rough abductions near Liberty Village… unexpected encounters in the Distillery District… dark desires in Leslieville… wet whippings in Queen West… Secret or not-so-secret play parties everywhere. And all these intense stories that occur behind Toronto’s famous diversity of tightly closed doors.” A bdsm anthology edited by Youkali Youkali and published by Cuir & Queer.
My story is called “Need Fire” and features sacred S/M and ritual sex, including a whole big bunch of biting. It also features a c-chick/t-chick lesbian couple in a long-term romantic and D/s relationship, because I think it’s important to show that stuff in my stories. 🙂
Proceeds from the anthology go to suport the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives. I’m looking forward to getting my (hard-copy) contributor’s copy, but will mostly likely bye the e-version in order to support the charity as well. 🙂



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Glitter and Mayhem! I’m… Not In It.

Boo. 😦
I was really pleased with that one, too.

On the plus side, that was probably the fastest turn-around I’ve had on a story, well, ever. So bonus? At least I wasn’t waiting for months and months and months, right?



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Charity Anthology! I’m In It!

So, late in 2012, I submitted a manuscript to a charity smut anthology benefitting the Toronto Gay & Lesbian Archives. My piece got accepted.
My piece got accepted!!!
I am, clearly, very chuffed about this. I’m really proud of my story (Leather Woo), and really glad that it made it into the anthology, and – not to put too fine a point on it – really glad that the editor is the kind of dyke who actively publishes dyke porn that features trans women (or, well, trans woman in this case).

Another part of me is going “Oh, thank goodness! I’d have felt really awful if I wasn’t even good enough for the unpaid charity market…” Which… is probably not fair of me. To a lot of people. Myself included.
None the less. Hah! I have smut! And it’s getting published! In an actual printed book after being peer-reviewed!
So there. 😀

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