OrgASM – The Continuing Saga

So, no suprises here, I’ve written 1/4 stories that I said I’d have done for Friday.
But I’m not posting in order to talk about procrastination or doing things at the last minute. I’m posting because, well, my Leather Woo Porn turned out not to be porn.
My wife has yet to give it “the boner test”, so it may yet turn out to have some sort of hotness factor. But, yeah. Not so much for me.
I think the Woo overtook the Porn in this particular leather adventure. There are areas where I could add explicite fucking and/or more turn-on (sure ways to make something porn, afaic), but they don’t fit with the actual story. The story is someone’s symbolic death and rebirth, done to allow her to leave her past (the many things she considers to be her failures) in the past and get on with life, having made a fresh start.
And on that level it totally works.
But it’s not porn.
The MC, while she’s attracted to her friend/domme/priestess, isn’t preoccupied by, or focussed on, that attraction. The dynamic tension (confict?) in the story is “person against self” rather than “person against person”. It’s a good story – or the first draft of a good story, more accurately – but it isn’t porn.
And I’m not sure what to do about that, given that the story takes place during a suspension-&-power-exchange scene. Crikey.
So I’m feeling a bit stuck, I don’t mind telling you.
Maybe the next one will go more according to plan?


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