OrgASM – Just the Beginings, But It’s A Start

So Circlet Press has organized a writing challenge, for those smut-writers who choose to accept it.
OrgASM stands for “Organized Advanced Smut-writing Month”.
They are basically offering anyone who writes erotic fiction the chance to have a Writer’s Group (online) for a month. It’s like Nanowrimo, but for porn. 🙂
I’ve set my own (very small) challenge, which is to draft four short (1000-3000 words each) stories in the “genre” of Leather Woo with the intention of having four short stories that I can shop around to various anthologyies as they come my way.
It’s a really modest goal.
Right now, I’m 1000 words into my first story, and I know how the scene (bondage and violet wands) is going to play out. I’m pleased with that.
That I’m halfway through the month and less than a quarter of the way to my end-goal… less pleased. But I’m still started and working and getting there. So good. 🙂
On to more writing. 🙂

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