Character Archetypes – A Handy Chart (link)

Here. 🙂 Have a link to a list of twelve archetypes that an author can use for character-building.

I look at that chart and see that the MC in my novel is a mix of “The Innocent” and “The Everywoman” in terms of what she’s afraid of and what she hungers for… but also because of how boring she is.
I’m wondering if the way to bring her into her own (and make her more interesting) is to thrust her into a position where she has to fill the rolls attributed to the archetypes on the opposite side of the chart – “The Explorer” and “The Creator”.

There are ways I can do this – mostly (duh) through putting her in situation where the way out of isolation, and the way to avoid succumbing to her fears, the way to get what she hungers for, is to put her in situations where she has to explore her creativity (not just art but ingenuity).

Which is all well and good to say, but it still means figuring out what scenarios to use in order to make that happen.
Still, it’s a help and it gives me a dirrection to work in. 🙂



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