Hyacinth Noir – I’ve Submitted Something To It!

So, as is typically the case, I’ve spent a month-and-a-half Not Writing only to write multiple pieces all in one go, followed by a spate of submissions to various places.

Having tried (and failed) to re-tell “The Snow Queen” as a piece erotic dyke fiction, I finally managed to do it as a (not-actually-erotic) piece of poetry. I’m really pleased with it.

An excerpt (minus the formatting):


Gerda girds her loins
knowing she can take Kay back
or leave her
in that pristine winter palace
Knowing that there’s more at stake
than one long-healed heart
Now she walks with her
head high
hips swinging
Now she sashays up the winter-bound drive
snow melting under her daisy-print boots
lips as red as summer
sangria and roses


I’ve submitted the full piece to a queer-pagan magazine out of the UK that is looking for submissions for their Imbolg issue. Here’s hoping! 🙂

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