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Minor Breakthrough – Conflict! Yes! :-D

Okay. So it’s been ages, it seems, since I actually worked on The Novel. There are reasons for that. Some fine – I was out of town over Thanksgiving Weekend and, immediately after that, was working my ass off to prep for last Sunday’s Craft Show. Some not-so-fine – e.g.: not having a clue what to do with my MC to make her likeable and less of a twit and, therefore, more than slightly dreading getting back into the Writing Chair and doing my thing.

But I wrote a good 1600 words yesterday (not so much today – today was for updating the etsy-based jewelry shop) and I actually managed to come up with a conflict point that (a) doesn’t have anything to do with Romance[1], and (b) could wind up being resolved in a really satisfying (in theory) way that lines up with the whole “finding your people” theme that I’ve been poking at with this piece from the get-go. So that’s awesome.

Just in time for Nanowrimo, too. 😀


[1] So much of my writing has been porn that I’m most-used to having the tension of a story be of the Dynamic variety… which means that, when I write longer stuff, the tension usually comes from relationship Drama. And that didn’t feel right for this story.


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