Switching Up my PoVs

One of the rules of Nanowrimo (well, “guidelines”) is that you don’t scrap your manuscript during Week Two Hell and start again. The idea being that if you actually do slog through the hard bit, your characters will start developing their own personalities and their courses of action will become much clearer and so on. Whereas if you start all over again with something new, you’re just going to run into the same Hard Stuff again, with less time available in which to slog through it.

None the less, I find myself doing just that with my current manuscript.

Originally I had my character turn up in her tiny town as a complete outsider, and I had her being the only voice in the story.

And… I really didn’t like her. She seemed to have landed in the mess she was in through having made a lot of Really Bad Choices that… her character didn’t have the emotional baggage to support, if that makes any sense. People make bad choices. We all do it. And mostly we make bad choices based on how we understand the world to work.

My character now has a heap of extra baggage in her past, which I’ve hinted at, and I’ve also given her a new reason to have moved to the town in the first place. I’m also trying to write from three people’s perspectives rather than one. (I find that easier, when dealing with novel-length – or intended-to-be-novel-length – stuff… maybe that’s cheating, but it seems to work, so I’m giving it another go).

ANyway. That’s where I’m at, writing-wise, right now.


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