Leather Ever After – I’m… not in it. But that’s okay! :-D

I just recieved a rejection letter from Sassafras Lowrey.
Sassafras Lowrey.

I mean, yes, it sucks that my story didn’t get accepted to Leather Ever After, but it also means that Sassafras fucking Lowrey actually read something I wrote. Which is pretty awesome in and of itself. 😀

I recently submitted a poem to The New Yorker – having had two or three people (all from New York State) suggest that I should give it a whirl.
I’m expecting the same thing to happen – to get a very kind rejection letter in about two months. I mean, obviously, it would be awesome to get an acceptance letter. That would be fantastic. But I also think it would be awesome to have an editor from The New Yorker actually read my work and send me something about it.

So, yeah. One of my femme heroes read my story. Even though it didn’t make it into hir anthology, zi still read it. And I’m rather pleased about that. 🙂

I will be reading said story (once I’ve timed it and, with any luck, discovered that it’ll fit within the time-constraints) at the Unholy Harvest Erotica Reading this October. Beyond that, I will see where-else I can submit it. I’m sure it’ll be perfect for somewhere. 🙂



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