What is my “Dangerous Stuff”

Queer Femme writer Sassafras Lowrey talks about writing the dangerous stuff over on her blog.

This has me asking: What is “the dangerous stuff” in the story I’m trying to tell.

Mine is quite (QUITE) different from the story that Sasssafras is telling in her novel Roving Pack. My MC’s situation isn’t dangerous. Precarious, maybe, but not dangerous.


So I’m wondering: what are the “dangerous” stories I can tell about:

a city girl moving to the country (assumptions that people make about each other?)

a spend-thrift trying to get her finances under control (poverty; “self-medication”)

the class differences between “town” and “gown”

learned helplessness

rebound relationships, binge drinking, and other stupid things that sound like a good idea at the time

small communities and dirty little secrets

different ways of defining “wealth” (or “abundance” as the case may be)

Keeping outdoor animals in an area with predators; the difference between livestock and pets (protecting that which you value?)


That’s what I’m thinking about right now.


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One response to “What is my “Dangerous Stuff”

  1. Dangerous stuff is anything that will make people gasp, anything that will make them stop for a moment, and most of all anything that will make them think. There is nothing more dangerous than a free thinking person.

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