Rejection Letters

I once read a blog post (lost to the mists of time, otherwise I’d link) wherein the author wrote about how writers, and probably all artists, are faced with a certain difficulty in our careers. So many of the “mile stones” and “progress/success indicators” are things that are utterly beyond our control… things like whether or not an editor decides to publish our story/poem/novel/essay/whatever, or whether or not we can make a living wage doing what we love and do anyway.

It can make you a little twitchy, to say the least, and can leave you trying to find the Magic Formula that will let you recreate a past success… when that success – acceptance to an anothology/magazine; landing on a best-seller list; getting a good review; etc – is based on the opinions and whims of people who aren’t and, therefore, are successes over-which you have no control.

So he suggested that we choose to recognize milestones that we can control.

He celebrates every submission he makes, when he makes it.
And he celebrates every rejection letter, too, because they mean that someone has read his work and that means that he sent his work to a stranger and, even if they didn’t buy it, they still read it, which means he still sent it out and that rejection letter is proof.

With that in mind, I would like to announce that I received a rejection letter from Best Lesbian Erotica today.

Which, conveniently, means I can send those two stories out to other places now. 🙂 (One of them can only go to reprint-friendly publications, mind you, because it’s already up at Good Vibes Magazine).


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  1. This is a great way to look at rejection letters. I’ve had 2 of my own come in this past week and as much as I tried not to let it get to me, I could tell that I was carrying that weight throughout the day. This inspires me to look beyond the direction and to try to find the lesson.

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