Literary/Performance Poetry and the Process of Composition

Happy to report: I wrote 2,300 words on my novel-manuscript yesterday.
Strictly speaking, that’s not a lot, but my typical minimum is 1,000 so I’m pleased with it.

I also participated in a show – a VERSeFest Fundraiser featuring El Jones. I was one of the organizers, yes, but I also got to read in the open mic.
Originally, I was going to read one of my new Selkie poems, but decided at the last minute that it wouldn’t work on a stage.

So I read a different piece, one that can work as a literary piece or a performance piece.

After, another performer came and talked with me about poetry styles and how some poems work on paper and on stage, while others can only fit in one world or the other.

Usually, when I write poetry, I try to create pieces that work in both ways.
I… I don’t actually know if everyone does this.
It seems like a typical thing to do.
Literary poets perform their work so it makes sense (to me, anyway) that they’d have an ear to how their pieces sound when performed. I don’t know if “stage poets” – spoken word performers who specialize in poetry – do the same thing in reverse, using line-break and word-placement (on the page) as choriography to show, in writing, where the pauses, breaths, and stresses are meant to go.

Thoughts? Processes? Anyone?


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