Selkie Brides

I wrote two poems yesterday.

Neither of them were the “Barrow Gang” poem I was expecting.  Instead, they were two more for my Selkie collection.

I’ve been working on this thing, off and on, since May 2008, so it’s not a particularly huge priority, but I like to drag it out every now and then and see what I can add to it.  My hope is that “eventually” I’ll have something like 60+ poems that trace the arc of a disintigrating marriage while using the metaphor of the Selkie Bride to explore both the stereotypes around bisexuality and the unspoken, unhappy power structures that develope in some marriages.

I’ve got between 30 and 35 at this point, plus half a dozen fragments and bits-and-pieces that I might be able to weave together a la Pearl Pirie.

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